«Because we are a throw away generation

sport development manager appointed new chair of birmingham athletics network

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aaa replica designer handbags The bottom line is the bottom line: Disposable, recyclable lunch trays are more sanitary and less costly than washable trays, according to a report scheduled to be presented at today’s county Board of Education meeting.»Because we are a throw away generation, many of the [high school] students don’t see that the trays can be washed and they throw them out,» said Mary Klatko, food services supervisor for county schools.The disposable lunch trays are made of recyclable polystyrene and cost less 3 cents each, compared with $2.41 each for washable trays, saving almost $44,000 in labor, electricity and maintenance costs if all eight high schools used polystyrene trays.Student environmentalists from several high schools had protested at a school board meeting last year, asking school officials to stop a polystyrene recycling program and instead use washable trays. Superintendent Michael E. Hickey had appointed the 26 member committee to look into the idea.Only elementary school students now use washable trays. aaa replica designer handbags

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