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It’s a gaudily painted promise

Canada Goose Jackets ‘The Real Campus Scourge’ and ‘My College Transition’

canada goose deals Throughout high Canada Goose Online school, many students work to create the selves they think colleges want. Focusing on rsum building, they may or may not be doing what truly makes them happy; indeed, they may not even know what makes them happy in the first place.

buy canada goose jacket Yet just as the fairy tale doesn’t show the work of marriage that follows a wedding, this narrative doesn’t acknowledge that leaving home and starting over is hard. Making new friends is hard. Being alone canadian goose jacket is hard. And social media, with its promises of constant canada goose clearance connection and barrages of images that say, «Look at how much fun I’m having,» can make it even worse.

canada goose coats on sale Our Canada Goose Jackets Text to Text series pairs often taught literary, historical, scientific and cultural pieces with articles from Canada Goose Coats On Sale The New York Times. In this one, we pair Bruni’s «The Real Campus Scourge» with a YouTube video titled «My College Transition,» created by a Cornell student, Emery Bergmann. In her video, in which Mr. uk canada goose Bruni’s piece makes a guest appearance, Emery offers her take on the lonely reality of college today.

cheap Canada Goose In talking about his book on canada goose store college admissions mania, Bruni shares his concerns about the long term effects of focusing on what colleges want at the canada goose clearance sale expense of what students might need. He says:

Canada Goose online Such polishing concentrates kids’ efforts on a very narrow spectrum of pursuits that play to their strengths canada goose uk shop and that are mastered with pure discipline, diligence and plotting. It doesn’t necessarily foster or reward creativity. It doesn’t acknowledge the importance of spontaneity, serendipity, setback, resilience and (to use the coinage du jour) grit in life and in eventual success. I think frequently of something that a former admissions director at Pomona said to me, because it’s something that other elite school faculty members and administrators have also told me: They recruit and admit young men and women who are fantastic on paper but who are in fact very fragile, because they’ve flourished in a very particular way and in a very particular climate, with the illusion of complete control, and they don’t know how to buy canada goose jacket cheap pivot to new circumstances and turn on a dime.

Students canada goose uk black friday find themselves at a Canada Goose sale loss when thrust into a reality that doesn’t match up with their expectations. They fear failure, and sometimes lack the skills cheap Canada Goose they need to survive Canada Goose online and thrive in a new environment.

canada goose black friday sale Social media can further complicate early college experiences. For one, students have been shaped, for canada goose coats better or worse, canada goose uk outlet by growing up with smart technology at their fingertips. Not only canada goose black friday sale are parents a text away, but so are high school friends. Their expectations of college, too, have been shaped by sunny emails from schools during application season and carefully curated Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat stories canada goose of fun and friends posted by peers.

canadian goose jacket In a sea of people, they find themselves adrift. The technology that keeps them connected to parents and high school friends only reminds them canada goose coats on sale of their physical separation from just about everyone they know best. That estrangement can be a gateway to binge drinking and other self destructive behavior. And it’s as likely to derail their ambitions as almost anything else.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Brett Epstein felt it. «I spent my first night in the dorm and it hit me like a pile of bricks: It’s just me here,» Epstein, a 21 year cheap canada goose uk old senior at the College of Charleston, told me about his start there three years ago. «I was completely freaked out.»

Canada Goose sale Clara Nguyen felt it, too. «I didn’t know how to be someone new while at the same time being who I always was.»

canada goose clearance sale The problem sounds so ordinary, so obvious: People in an unfamiliar location confront dislocation. On their own two legs for the first time, they’re wobbly. Who would expect otherwise?

canada goose clearance Well, most of them did, because college isn’t sold to teenagers as just any place or passage. It’s a gaudily painted promise. The time of their lives! The disparity between myth and reality stuns many of them, and various facets of youth today from social media to a secondary school narrative that frames admission to college as the end of all worry worsen the impact.

canada goose store Harry Rockland Miller, who just retired as the director for the Center for Counseling and Psychological Health at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, told me the emblematic story of a freshman he treated:

canada goose «He was 18. He came to school and was invited to a party his first weekend, and he didn’t know anybody. So he started to drink. He drank way buy canada goose jacket too much and ended up lying on a bench in his residential hall, feeling very sick. When he came in to speak with me the next day, the thing that struck him what he said was, ‘There I was, alone, with all these people around.'»

Canada Goose Outlet Alone, with all these people around. In a survey of nearly 28,000 Canada Goose Parka students on 51 campuses by the American College Health Association last year, more than 60 percent canada goose factory sale said that they had «felt very lonely» in the previous 12 months. Nearly 30 percent said that they had felt that way in the previous two weeks.

Canada Goose Parka Victor Schwartz, the medical director of the Jed Foundation, which uk canada goose outlet is one of the nation’s leading advocacy groups for the mental health of teenagers canada goose coats and young adults, said that those findings were consistent with his own observation of college students today. «While they Canada Goose Outlet expected that academics and finances would be sources of stress,» he told me, «many students were lonely and thought this was sort of unique to them, because no one talked about it.».

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