Last week’s «Food Fight» episode picked on Bowdoin College in

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cheap canada goose sale The episode released Thursday, called «My Little Hundred Million canada goose outlet cheap canada goose,» examines the trend of billionaires donating hundreds of millions of dollars to higher education. Gladwell hates this not because he hates academia, but because the biggest donations go to institutions that already have endowments larger than some countries’ gross domestic products (think Harvard, Princeton and Stanford universities).Last week’s «Food Fight» episode picked on Bowdoin College in Maine, and claimed the school puts more effort into filling its dining halls with fancy food than into helping low income students afford tuition.Bowdoin which is proud to provide students with mealsmade with cage free eggs, low fat milk, grass fed beef and locally sourced food pushed back,releasing lengthy statements about its financial aid options for students and calling the episode «filled with false assumptions and incorrect conclusions.»Alumni,including Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson, also came to the school’s defense on Twitter.Gladwell has kicked a hornet’s nest.When «Revisionist History»debuted, The Guardian described Gladwell as setting out to ask two questions: «When does doing good lead to doing bad, and when does doing good lead to doing more good?» Both inquiries are at the heart of his two most recent episodes:It may seem great to provide students with high quality meals and to further the pursuit of knowledge by donating money to a renowned nonprofit university, but is it?If you look at a list of schools that receivegifts of $100 million or more, you’ll struggle to find a name you don’t instantly recognize:It repeatedly mentions Harvard, Stanford, Emory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown and University of Miami, among others. Few public universities are on the list.Gladwell has welcomed guests to the podcast who attend or work at a school he’s spotlighting.He debated with outgoing Stanford President John Hennessey canada goose outlet, who doubled the school’s endowment to $22 billion during his tenure, on this week’s episode. cheap canada goose sale

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