Maybe someone will find a decklist that works

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Shudderwock Shaman winrate is actually quite bad right now (40 45%). Hilariously, Shaman currently has the lowest winrate of any class on HSreplay, because this is the only Shaman deck anyone is playing. It reminds me a lot of Exodia Mage: an canada goose factory sale OTK deck that farms slow control decks but gets destroyed Canada Goose Jackets by anything at all aggressive. Maybe someone will find a decklist that works, but at the moment, it doesn look canada goose clearance sale like it be a big balance problem.

I think it more to do with it being such a massive part of the meta that everyone was building decks specifically to counter it. buy canada goose jacket As well, when the majority of people are playing it, it is going to lean closer and closer to 50% rather than canada goose dip massively in 1 direction or the other.

Back then I built a grim patron deck for my girlfriend who I don think ever got out of the 25 21 rank range, and I pretty certain she went all the way up to rank 10 with it. It not like it took a genius to figure out how to spam charging patrons.

merhue 9 points submitted 24 days ago

I kind of regret coming out canada goose uk outlet to my parents. My parents didn’t take it well. Thankfully the original uncomfortableness has passed, but I feel like I could have waited to tell Canada Goose Coats On Sale them.

I [F] currently have a boyfriend, and was also dating him at the time that i came out, so i feel like i did it unnecessarily. I could’ve kept my bisexuality from my parents and have been fine. If i could do it Canada Goose Parka over, I’d only come out to them if canada goose uk black friday confronted about it or if I started dating a girl.

Coming out to my friends was easy peasy though 🙂

He was a monster. He just cheap canada goose uk didn have the offensive skills of Hakeem (who did ?) or even Shaq. canada goose clearance He also played in an era where you couldn bowl people over, like Shaq could. Otherwise, he have had an extra 3 5 ppg easily.

He carried a team without another real all uk canada goose star to the finals.

Shaq won with Kobe and canada goose store then Wade. You uk canada goose outlet think Dwight Canada Goose Outlet couldn win with one of them (I am talking prime Dwight, obviously). And yeah, I know he didn get along with Kobe. And neither did Shaq. Difference was, Shaq got to play with young Kobe, before Kobe was established. After that, Kobe ran Shaq out of canada goose coats on sale town. Just like he did Dwight.

Dwight got a shitty reputation because he goofy, because he has too many baby mamas (though far from the likes of Kemp or Calvin Murphy), because he flip flopped on Canada Goose online the Magic trade situation and because he didn get along with Kobe. None of these canada goose coats have anything to do with basketball ability. The only basketball related issue he has/had was insisting to play in the post instead of more P That one on him. But how much «potential» buy canada goose jacket cheap was wasted there? Not too Canada Goose Online much. It was already post injury, when his mobility and athleticism weren what they used Canada Goose sale to be.

And let not forget that playoff Dwight was a thing. When Harden was shitting the bed, Dwight was playing out of his mind.

So please, ignore the jokes and the memes and watch some prime Dwight canada goose black friday sale games. He far from wasted potential. You want wasted potential? Kwame. Bynum. Vince Canada Goose Outlet Carter. Yeah, Vince Carter. Dunking doesn mean achieving greatness. He cheap Canada Goose beloved by fans because he could canadian goose jacket dunk. But he had the body to be an all time great. He could have been the next Jordan. He was athletic and had a better 3p shot than canada goose uk shop Jordan. But Carter coasted his entire career. He never really worked on his body (which is why he got injured so often in games he get a boboo and leave the game early), and didn put much effort into his craft. He could have been better than Kobe easily. Easily. Shaq gets a lot of shit for being lazy, and rightfully so. But so should Carter. He should have been in the MVP conversation every year. He could have been an elite defender. Never bothered to try.

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