O’Reilly has denied the charges

Hermes Replica Bags CNN had 1.32 million viewers last week, Nielsen said.It’s a time of opportunity for rivals of Fox News, long the dominant cable news network, because of last month’s firing of Bill O’Reilly, Fox’s most popular personality, who lost his job after it was revealed the network was paying millions of dollars in settlements to women who charged him with harassment. O’Reilly has denied the charges, saying he was the victim of a determined liberal campaign. Tucker Carlson leads Fox’s new prime time lineup.’Late Night’: r Look at Trump, O’Reilly and Fox NewsIn light of the recent sexual harassment allegations against Bill O’Reilly, Seth Meyers unwraps the relationship between President Donald Trump, O’Reilly and Fox News.(Published Thursday, April 6, 2017)Between 2008 and 2016, Fox News beat MSNBC by an average of 1.42 million viewers each week and last week the margin sunk to just over 200,000.With the exception of two weeks won by MSNBC during the Democratic conventions in 2016 and 2012 when Fox’s predominantly conservative audience found reasons to be away from the TV the closest MSNBC had been to Fox in total viewers was losing by a margin of 178,000 viewers in April 2001, Nielsen said. Hermes Replica Bags

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