She elaborated on the comments at a campaign event Friday

I came prepared: long underwear, hat, gloves, multiple jackets and more. But I was still freezing. The whole 1deg F temperature wasn’t too bad, it was the 10 15mph wind that was a killer. Unhinged. Even for Trump,» Clinton retorted in a tweet of her own. She elaborated on the comments at a campaign event Friday afternoon in Coral Springs, Florida.Pence Says He’s Not Offended by ‘Hamilton’ CastAfter noting that Trump «choked» during his meeting with Mexico’s president, Clinton said her opponent «finds it a lot easier to insult women than talk to the president of Mexico about building a wall.»»I mean really, who gets up at 3 o’clock in the morning to engage in a Twitter attack against a former Miss Universe,» Clinton said at a rally in Florida Friday afternoon.

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