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The minute we become ignorant and complicit

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Part of my job is to use said plastic hammer to beat the devil out of a panel I install to cause small dimples to form on the back of the panel so uk canada goose I can have guides to drill.

canada goose store Handheld canada goose clearance sale sanding tools are used to ‘finish’ wings at one plant before they are sent to another plant for additional work my husband did this entry level job for a year and would come home with aluminium all over his clothes and imbedded in buy canada goose jacket his phone.

Canada Goose Jackets Carrion can be full of nasty bacteria/bugs. Also, Canada Goose Jackets we have no idea if that animal was tortured before it canada goose uk outlet died.

Does Canada Goose Parka this mean we cannot eat Scandinavian rotting fish topped in lye? Not interested in trying it btw!

canada goose black friday sale Blood. Raw undercooked meats come to mind. See above note about lack of medical. I think there might be folklore about vampire type jinn who suck the lifeblood out of animals. Recent studies show a possibility canada goose sale of prions being transmitted through blood. I still eat my steak rare.

Booze. Alcoholics can be a problem. Health problems can arise. Angry or loud drunks bumbling around while I’m trying to study the Quran and pray would annoy me. uk canada goose outlet You can’t sign a contract while intoxicated you simply wouldn’t have the mental capacity to comprehend all of it or if someone was trying to swindle you. Islam is not compulsory. We should be coherent and as fully knowledgeable as possible about what we are saying and doing when it comes to Islam and the worship of Allh. The minute we become ignorant and complicit, things start getting cult canada goose like canada goose coats on sale and people start getting told to do stupid things like harm others. I rarely drink and when I do I don’t pray or go to the masjid. The missed prayer can be made up but if I were constantly drunk I would pretty much stop praying and praying is one of the five pillars of Islam.

The beauty of Islam is that you check your studies, ask a scholar then study more to get a personal meaning that is canada goose coats between you and Allh.

Like I canada goose store mentioned, I’m on mobile and I’d forget everything I wanted to respond to.

Once you read Sura Al Kahf (The Cave) you will Canada Goose Online learn about a dog that guard some men in a cave. I do not recall anything bad about dogs. It’s probably a fear about rabies and diseases. I’ve also been told: Angels won’t come in my house is I have a dog, I loose Muslim Kudo points if I keep one as a pet, my wudu is invalid if dog fur or saliva gets cheap Canada Goose on me.

buy canada goose jacket Meh. I keep a dog and the angels can sleep outside.

Didn’t mean to hijack your post but I completely understand how questions can come up.

I keep the dietary stuff for the most part because I feel it’s my duty to Allh (swt).

canada goose deals I actually started the Qur last year(?) canada goose clearance and put Canada Goose Coats On Sale it down out of frustration because I was canada goose uk shop definitely taking things TOO literally and forgetting that religious texts aren necessarily meant to be read that way. Since starting over, with some help and more willingness to think critically and digest what being communicated, it been a really wonderful experience. 🙂 I just finished surah 16 «The Bees» and will be starting surah 17 «The Night Journey» soon.

Canada Goose online Re, carrion: Agreed. Generally a bad idea. Plus, there are so many organisms that can benefit from its decomposition that perhaps we should Canada Goose Outlet just let it be.

canada goose Re, blood: Ahh, canada goose uk black friday I had not thought of it in terms of its raw consumption. canadian goose jacket I was thinking of things like blood sausage and gravies/sauces where blood is used. Good point!

Canada Goose sale Re, booze: Whether it alcohol or drugs, I agree 100%. Even Buddhism discourages intoxicants. canada goose black friday sale They impact you personally and also those in your family and community if you are a pregnant woman, they will have a negative impact on your unborn child.

canada goose coats on sale I think in the end the only dietary law that really baffles me is pork. LOL

cheap Canada Goose I suppose in some places pigs were (and I think still?) are used as a form of toilet which would mean they would be an very unsanitary animal to butcher and consume if they are wallowing in human excrement cheap canada goose uk and garbage.

The desert is also not an ideal habitat or a sustainable one, buy canada goose jacket cheap for that matter for pigs. Yet, in silvopasture practices in appropriate climates, they can lead a very healthy and clean life canada goose factory sale where (hopefully) they are humanely treated.

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canada goose clearance sale I have yet to figure out the pig deal. I never thought of them as being used as a toilet, but you might be spot on. It makes sense.

canada goose clearance I think Jews take dietary a step further with the Kosher thing. In a pinch I will eat Kosher stuff like beef hotdogs because it’s harder for me to get Halal ones. I also loooove me some fresh Kosher bagels.

My mom is from SE Asia and her side of the fam is split Theravada Buddhism Muslim.

There’s this amazing spicy sour pork sausage she grills up. I miss it terribly. Also a few ph like soups that use blood that is sliced up like tofu.

As for pork bacon, I do not miss it at all. I found this Canada Goose online amazing halal beef bacon made Canada Goose sale by Midmar based in the Midwest.

canada goose coats Lamb has taken over most of my old pork cuts: lamb chops, racks of ribs (I like beef rib too), roasts.

Canada Goose Parka I didn’t wake up and quit eating pork the day I converted. I stopped buying pork and ate what I had. Then phased out porcine gelatine. I missed gummy bears, but the Haribo ones made in Turkey are permissible.

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