The school system is looking for a replacement for Sydney Cousin

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Replica Hermes Howard officials said they believe that if chosen, the 30 year old Dance would be the youngest superintendent in the county’s history; Foose would be the first woman.Each candidate met individually Monday with a crowd that included mostly central office staff. They then attended a question and answer session with the public.Both candidates spoke of the need to narrow the achievement gap, to be fiscally responsible, to support teachers, to infuse more technology in the school system and foster an environment that is safe for students and teachers.The school system is looking for a replacement for Sydney Cousin, who announced last year Replica Hermes Birkin Replica Hermes Birkin that he would be retiring, effective July 1, after eight years in the job. Howard is one of three school districts looking for a new superintendent; the others are Baltimore County and the state, which are conducting nonpublic searches.Howard’s school board has said it would appoint the superintendent before spring break, which begins this weekend Replica Hermes.

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