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This would cause all the muscles to simultaneously contract

Canada Goose Parka Russian woman ’embalmed alive’

canadian goose jacket So I a doctor of canada goose clearance sale medicine and tbh I never heard of formalin being injected into people so I decided to read a Canada Goose Outlet bit. I think her «waking up» wasn like her talking and such, she probably temporarily came canada goose uk outlet off sedatives or Canada Goose online had another seizure before dying. Formaldehyde if concentrated enough will destroy cellular processes. I imagine it was lethal enough to canada goose store cause uk canada goose outlet brain, liver and kidney damage. It likely crystallized in her kidneys and caused failure if not just pure destruction of the cells responsible for excreting toxic accumulations of substances. :(I a neuroscientist, and I have perfused thousands of animals in my career. Perfusion starts with giving an animal canada goose outlet an overdose of an anesthetic at a dose that will kill the animal quickly. Then, when the animal is deeply sedated but not «dead» dead, I will cut open the rib cage and slice open the right atrium, while the heart is still beating. At the same time, I place into the left ventricle a needle attached to a pump filled with saline. I run that through the animal circulatory system for about a minute, watching for the blood coming from the atrium to run clear. At that point, I switch to formaldehyde, so that proteins in the brain will be preserved. As you mentioned, formaldehyde induces cross linking of proteins and makes tissues very rigged. If you do the perfusion carefully, the formaldehyde causes the muscles to twitch and the animal writhes for about 15 seconds, even causing their eyes to flutter. You also find that down in the morgue there will be patients who have died months previously but for some reason can be buried or cremated such as because they a John Doe, because the hospital is waiting for long term test results to come back or because there a disputes over the body. When you put anything into a fridge you delay composition but you don prevent it. It was a big red bump and we rushed her to ER. I was the one who noticed that bumped, and it seemed to grow by the hour.When we brought her to ER, a doctor, who was drunk and had a piss stain on his pants started interrogating me about how I dropped her. He insisted I dropped her and that was the reason for that bump. He made me cry. Once I started crying he turned to my parents and told them he doesn know what the deal is and sent us to an emergency x ray place, which was a separate building elsewhere.The x ray technician was drunk and the first time he tried taking x rays it didn work out, so they had to do again.So, yeah, if a drunk doctor that pissed himself can treat patients, do you think they give a fuck about reading labels?I am Russian, (live outside of the country) and run engineering department, if anyone in my team fucks up and it makes it to QC or worse to customer, that automatically my fault, since I have to verify all the work. Doing this work I had some very expensive blunders, however one that taught me the lesson is currently sitting in my bedroom in a plastic bin, someday canada goose uk shop I put in the acrylic case and display on my desk. It is a canada goose lens assembly for Sony EX3 camera, I was at the time assistant chief engineer and was carrying camera in unzipped carrying case for repair up the stairs to engineering, well, my arm slipped from the handle at the top of the stairs and camera bounced down the steps like in the buy canada goose jacket cheap slow motion. Canada Goose Online That fairly buy canada goose jacket cheap fuck up to learn the lesson to own up to your mistakes. So yes, you blood can itch and Canada Goose Coats On Sale I hope no one has to ever feel that sensation. I was in so much pain I couldn feel any of the doctors touching me, the needles, the chest compressions, only the constant pain that would get amplified when I went into a seizure every 4 breaths I took ( I could feel my legs kicking about and hear myself screaming even though I tried not to). canada goose clearance I was aware the whole time and couldn respond so focused on counting my breathing. I recovered from the whole thing in about 2 hours. Still took 5 weeks to fully recover. Fun fact. You create histamine cheap canada goose uk while you sleep so if you are Canada Goose Parka recovering from anaphylactic shock, sleeping can canada goose black friday sale trigger an allergic reaction. It wouldn be out of the possibility for multiple failures to cause this like if the formalin canada goose uk black friday was also in a glass bottle with rubber cap, they were stored together initially, the person Canada Goose sale who retrieved it wasn careful canada goose coats on sale or not trained, and the nurses and doctors didn bother to check the canada goose coats bottle before canadian goose jacket administration and doctors who don round or treat normal people with much respect.Also in some underdeveloped places, rooms have 5+ beds a room and canada goose factory sale sometimes nurses consider themselves above grunt work like pt hygiene/feedings and pts have to hire room attendants who may be literally a peasant that Canada Goose Jackets don have any medical training. At the end of an experiment it was often necessary to preserve brain tissue by formalin fixation. After administering anesthetics we would connect the rats to a formalin drip by directly cannulating the vena cava (while the heart is still pumping to circulate and distribute the formalin in all the tissues) while allowing all the blood to drain from the body. This would cause all the muscles to simultaneously contract making the rat contort in all sorts of horrible gesticulations. Almost like a uk canada goose rapidly evolving rigor mortis. Used to cheap Canada Goose give me nightmares.

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